Beer Date!

beer date1

I would like to take a moment to officially welcome myself back to the land of the drinking! Flynn David Murphy was born at midnight on August 17th (or was it the 16th? There was a bit of a debate in the hospital over what was his official birthday) and that means that I can… Read more »

Oktoberfest Revolution!

First of all, let me offer an apology. I am usually much better about posting event write-ups in a timely fashion. I will save you the gory details but I’m pretty sure the Bubonic Plague (aka ‘Black Death’) resurfaced in Chicago and I, somehow, contracted this disease. But before I succumbed to this mostly eradicated… Read more »


Have you noticed that it is getting easier and easier to drink local in Chicago? No? Well, go to your friendly neighborhood craft beer establishment and count how many brews were made right here in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. I bet that there are quite a few. I experienced this the other day when… Read more »