Getting Educated! Beer Sensory Class at CHAOS Brew Club

I apologize for all of the CHAOS Brew Club posts as of late. We are just putting on some great events recently! Like on Saturday, February 18th where one of our members arranged for Marty Nachel, one of the first Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judges and author of Homebrewing for Dummies, to come to… Read more »

Taking the CHAOS Brew House for a Spin

I have written a few times about Chicago Homebrew Alchemists of Sud (CHAOS) Brew Club over the year.  It’s not that I have anything against any of the other Chicago area homebrew clubs; quite the contrary.  I am in full support of any and all entities that promote the art of craft beer and brewing. … Read more »

Naperville Brewery Makes an Oath to Brew Great Beer

There has been a bit of controversy in the Chicago beer blog-o-sphere of late with regard to the plethora of new breweries opening up in the next year or so. Just this week, Kid Carboy on outlined many of the new breweries vying to get in the Chicago craft beer market.  It was not… Read more »

Support Your Local Home Brewer!

I apparently do not learn from past experiences. As you may recall, I have been known to attend two beer events in one day. And after each time I do this, I swear I will never do it again. Famous last words! But there were two homebrew-focused events on Saturday and I couldn’t choose just… Read more »

Lucky Town Brewing Company Aims to Change Laws By Brewing Beer

While I typically write about the Chicago beer scene since that is what I know and am actively involved in, I love hearing how other parts of the country are acclimating to the craft beer revolution.  I recently became aware of Lucky Town Brewing Company who is aiming to open up later this year.  Now… Read more »

Meet the Brewmaster – Chris Rafferty of Rock Bottom Chicago

I do not get star struck by movie stars or singers; I really could care less.  But get me in the same room with a professional brewer, an individual who expresses his/her intelligent and artitistic prowess through the canvas of beer, and I turn into a blubbering idiot.  So when I was contacted by Marc… Read more »

Bread and Beer: Brew Ho Ho Comes to Town January 21st

Chicago is enjoying a craft beer renaissance right now and, in addition to the many new and in-the-works breweries that are popping up across the city, many average Joes and Janes are jumping into the world of homebrewing.  I’m one of them; the hubby and I got a brew kit as a wedding gift in… Read more »

Happy New Beers!

When the hubby and I were invited to a destination wedding in Mexico over New Year’s, it was a tad bitter sweet.  Don’t get me wrong; I was insanely excited about being able to travel to warmer weather during a Chicago winter.  But for the past few years, my New Year’s Eve has been craft… Read more »

An Afternoon at Rock Bottom Chicago

The hubby and I used to go to the Chicago Rock Bottom all the time, pretty much every time we were downtown. It was the first brewery we went to in Chicago. It was the first mug club I ever joined and I have an embarrassingly large amount of Rock Bottom swag (my favorite of… Read more »

Something Sour This Way Comes…

I have a confession: I am not a fan of sour beers. In fact, I pretty much hate them. Whenever I’ve had one, my reaction to them has typically been something like “Eww” or “Well, at least that wasn’t as bad as that one.” Not quite a winning endorsement. But when I heard that my… Read more »