Begyle: The Brewery Formerly Known As Argyle

With the plethora of breweries opening up over the next year or two (the Red Eye just had an awesome showcase of most of them) it may be difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. While all of the new breweries are unique and exciting, one of the most enticing business plans is the one… Read more »

Dryhop: East Lakeview is Getting a Brewery!

“Worry about first how you can add value for people… Find a way where it’s not about you wanting to open a brewery, it’s about you wanting to improve the quality of the lives of your neighbors.” -Greg Shuff, General Manager, Dryhop Bistro and Microbrewery I like to think that I am pretty on top… Read more »

Empirical Brewery: They Blinded Me With Science!

A few months back, I had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Hurley, the founder and general manager of brewery-in-the-making Empirical Brewery.  I thought his ideas were ambitious but meticulously thought-out and I was fascinated with his approach to forming a brewery. Specifically, he had incorporated the “science” theme into every facet of the… Read more »

Like a Boss: Homebrew Fans Unite for Brew Springsteen

Home brewing is a great hobby.  I may go out on a limb and give my completely biased opinion and call it the best hobby in the world.  And as the craft beer boom is, well, booming in Chicago, so is the hobby of homebrewing. You see it with the expansion of Brew and Grow,… Read more »

Be Amazing: The Philosophy of Greg Koch

Unless you’ve been under a rock (or a stone?) for the last few years, you know of Greg Koch, the co-owner and screaming-face of Stone Brewing Company. Stone has been in the Chicagoland market for two years (how time flies when you’re drinking good beer!) and Koch was in town this weekend celebrating that milestone… Read more »

Who Knew Beer Was So Political?

I pride myself on the fact that I made it all of the way through college without taking any history classes.  Sure, I had to take classes within my major that focused on historical elements, but I never took a class within the history department and for that I am immensely proud of my tenacity… Read more »

Welcome to the City of Broad Shoulders

“You can’t become a brewer because you think you are going to drink all of the time.  90% of brewing is not fun. But the other 10% is the most fun you’ve ever had.” -Frank Lassandrello, Head Brewer, Broad Shoulders Brewing When I interview the founders of up-and-coming breweries in Chicago, I rarely get to… Read more »

What Are You Drinking for St. Patrick’s Day?

Last Thursday, I received an email from Frank Holland, WGN reporter and early morning news anchor, asking for my picks for St. Patrick’s Day beers.  I guess he liked my selections because he asked me to go on air and discuss my choices!  What, me? On TV???  I was uncertain; there is a reason why… Read more »

Farmhouse Tavern to Celebrate Chicago Breweries on March 11th

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I do my best to support the little guys; the up-and-coming breweries that are going to nudge Chicago over the edge into beer geek nirvana.  I truly believe that Chicago will be the next Portland (with regard to beer; not that whole… Read more »

There’s a Revolution Brewing in Chicago

Oh, Revolution. You continue to make my heart swoon.  I followed your brewpub’s construction progress on Facebook for what seemed like forever (I think it was actually a year) and made sure the hubby (then my fiancé) and I were in attendance opening night.  Since that magical February evening when you finally opened your doors,… Read more »