Homebrew/Bartending Collective to Open ALEMAN Brewpub

It is a good time to be a beer geek in Chicago. Many of the breweries-in-planning that I have been writing about over the last year are starting to open their doors and I, for one, am ecstatic that thirsty Chicagoans are reaping all of the benefits. One recent member to the Chicago craft beer… Read more »

Chicago’s Coziest Brewery

When you think of a brewery, what comes to mind? Maybe a large, expansive warehouse with rows upon rows of stainless steel fermentors. Or perhaps you envision a substantial farmhouse with open vats for wild fermentation. Regardless of how you mentally picture a brewery, all of these images have something in common: size. Brewing equipment… Read more »

Lady Beer Nerds Rejoice! Barley’s Angels Chapter Formed in Chicago

During this political season leading up to Election Day, many of the news networks were commenting on a “war on women.” They were referring to the Republican Party’s initiatives to restrict women’s rights but, in my opinion, the real war on women is the condescending move of so-called beer companies to develop light, low calorie,… Read more »

Chef Won Kim Explores Connection Between Beer and Art

I don’t think it is any great secret that drinking can lead to some amazing creative endeavors; I know I write better after I’ve had a few!  Craft brewers are often thought of as artisans who utilize malted barley and hops to create their masterpiece.  In turn, visual artists take liquid inspiration from craft beer… Read more »

Taking the Chicago Craft Beer Scene to the Next Level

As some of you may be aware, the hubby and I recently spent a lovely week in the Pacific Northwest for a beercation.  We have wanted to travel to this beer-tastic area of the country for a while and after making some friends from the area at the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference, we decided to… Read more »

Welcome Back, CHAOS! Harvest Festival October 20th

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there appears to be a bit of war against homebrewing in Illinois.  It all started when the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) told the Peoria Jaycees that homebrewed beer would not be allowed to be served at their beer festival, even though homebrew was a part of that… Read more »

Beercation 2012!

As some of you may be aware, the hubby and I took a week to explore the wonders that are the beers of Oregon and Washington state.  The first part of our trip was spent in Astoria, Oregon, a picturesque, storybook-looking town on the banks of the Columbia River. Astoria is home to Fort George… Read more »

Oktoberfest Revolution!

First of all, let me offer an apology. I am usually much better about posting event write-ups in a timely fashion. I will save you the gory details but I’m pretty sure the Bubonic Plague (aka ‘Black Death’) resurfaced in Chicago and I, somehow, contracted this disease. But before I succumbed to this mostly eradicated… Read more »

Occasional Baker: Pumpkin-Beer Bread

I am by no means a cook or a baker; the GrubHub app on my phone gets a workout almost every night. But when I see an interesting recipe that incorporates beer, I am intrigued. And my inner Top Chef aches to get out. I was recently inspired when I saw a recipe on Slate.com… Read more »


Have you noticed that it is getting easier and easier to drink local in Chicago? No? Well, go to your friendly neighborhood craft beer establishment and count how many brews were made right here in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. I bet that there are quite a few. I experienced this the other day when… Read more »