Staying Connected to the Craft Beer Scene

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that I announced that I was pregnant? Well, maybe for you. For me, this has definitely been the longest nine months of my life. And, yes, I just hit the nine month mark, if you can believe it. I’m probably not going to have my little bundle of joy… Read more »

Baby’s First Dark Lord Day

When you envision Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Day, what immediately comes to mind? Standing in long lines? Meeting awesome beer people from all over the country? Sampling rare beers? All of those may be true, but what if you were to take away the sampling and drinking beer part? Would Dark Lord Day still measure… Read more »

My Beer Wish List: Is It Weird to Add Beer to My Baby Registry?

Wow. I can’t believe I am more than halfway through this pregnancy! It’s been a bit of a rough road. I’ve been very sick and even had to spend four days in the hospital to receive IV antibiotics for a crazy weird infection! So with all of these challenges, I have not really missed drinking… Read more »

Ale Syndicate Aims to Reimagine Chicago and Craft Beer Community

I can’t believe that it has been a year and a half since I first met Samuel and Jesse Edwin Evans, the brothers who were working to bring New Chicago Beer Company to thirsty Chicagoans. There were quite a few hiccups along the way, including needing to find a new home for the brewery after their original location at… Read more »

Do This: ManBQue & Barley’s Angels Valentine’s Day Feast

People tend to have a love/severe hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s great if you have someone. But if you don’t, the entire month of February pretty much rubs it in just how alone you are. Well, you know what always loves you no matter what Hallmark-created holiday it is? BEER. And Barley’s Angels… Read more »

Girly Girls Like Beer Too

There is no denying that the craft beer industry is male dominated; if it wasn’t, would there be a surge of all-female craft beer groups a la Girls Pint Out, Barley’s Angels, or the Pink Boots Society? I would like to think we are past the days of “no girls allowed” when it comes to… Read more »

Lagunitas Brewing Company Offers a Sneak Peek

As the craft beer boom is taking the country by storm, some of the larger craft breweries are finding it difficult to make enough beer to satisfy thirsty consumers. Some of these breweries have decided to pull out of certain markets while others have chosen to sell a portion to larger macrobreweries.  But a recent… Read more »

Lake Effect Brewing Company Brings Craft Beer to Jefferson Park

Entrepreneurs built this great nation of ours; the creation of small businesses and ‘mom and pop’ stores were the foundation of our early economy.  Since the industrial revolution and the increased popularity and convenience of big box stores a la Wal-Mart, America has, unfortunately, lost some of that independent spirit. In recent years, however, the… Read more »