Beer Bloggers Conference Part 2: Better Late Than Never!

I usually do not have a difficult time coming up with ideas for blog posts.  I like to write. I like beer.  It is usually that simple. (Obsessing over proper grammar and over-usage of certain vocabulary stresses me out a great deal, though.)  Despite the incredibly awesome experience that was the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference,… Read more »

Pints and Pedis!

Beer is still very much considered a man’s beverage. And it’s not just the bikini-clad commercials that allude to the unrealistic expectations that a crappy light beer will make you richer, better looking, and able to score the hot babe on the beach. While great strides have occurred to equalize the beer gender stereotypes, there… Read more »

Chicago Breweries: The Next Generation

Brant Dubovick, head brewer at the soon-to-open Dryhop Brewers, remembers a quote he heard while attending the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego earlier this year: “If your number one concern as a craft brewer isn’t quality, get out right now.”  That quote stuck with him and motivated him to reach out to the breweries-in-planning… Read more »