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Beer Date!
beer date1

Beer Date!

I would like to take a moment to officially welcome myself back to the land of the drinking! Flynn David Murphy was born at midnight on August 17th (or was it the 16th? There was a bit of a debate in the hospital over what was his official birthday) and that means that I can drink beer again! Well, hold up. To be honest, I wasn’t that enthusiastic to drink right after I had Flynn, mostly because I was averaging three hours of sleep a night and beer just made me tired. But now that Flynn is sleeping a little better at night (for now…) and my parents offered to babysit, the hubby and I ventured out on Saturday to sample some very missed Chicago beer.

beer date2

Dusting off my mug club card after 10 months of not being used!

We started off at the Revolution Brewing brewpub, where I not only indulged in my favorite fermented beverage but also sampled some un-pasteurized cheese! Those ladies who have ever been pregnant know what a treat that is… The cheese board at Rev never disappoints and was a perfect accompaniment to the Horizontal Tango, a barrel-aged Dubbel. I also had a mug of The Whip, an 85-IBU IPA, and a tulip of Coup d’Etat, one of my favorite saisons.

While we could have ended our date there, mumsy and daddums said they would watch the little peanut until 6 pm and it was only 2 pm; there was plenty more beer to be had in four hours. We next stopped into Vas Foremost, a great beer store across the street from Rev. We didn’t need any beer; we had plenty at home and we just picked up a growler of The Whip at Rev. But this was my beer day and, dammit, I wanted more! I picked up some Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale and a four-pack of Tallgrass Brewing Velvet Rooster, a Belgian-style Tripel.

Beer and un-pasteurized cheese!

Beer and un-pasteurized cheese!

We then traveled north to the Half Acre taproom. The taproom opened right before I got pregnant so I’ve only been there twice and never got to fully appreciate its awesomeness. The hubby and I both got the Periwig ESB, but I had the ‘regular’ draft beer while the hubby got it served on nitro. I typically do not like beers on nitro; I prefer highly carbonated beers. (For those that are unfamiliar, Guinness is served on nitro and it is that nitrogen-CO2 blend that gives it the creamy consistency.) The Periwig was outstanding on nitro and I found myself taking more sips out of the hubby’s glass than my own. I typically want to sample as many different beers as possible while at a brewery, but I was smitten with the Periwig on nitro and had two more before it was time to finally head home to the peanut.

It was so much fun being able to go to my favorite places and sample Chicago-brewed beer again. Thanks so much to my parents for watching Flynn, and to my hubby for watching Flynn on Sunday when, since I had not had anything to drink for nine months, I was nursing a bit of a nasty hangover. Where should we go on our next beer date?

7 Responses to “Beer Date!”

  1. sanleh78

    Welcome back & congratulations on Flynn’s birth!! I am now in your situation, being 8 weeks pregnant with my first! Being the beer geek that I am, I already miss beer dearly!! It’s going to be rough…but worth it. ;)
    Did you abstain 100% from drinking during pregnancy, or did you have an occasional small glass of beer or wine? I know opinions are very split on this topic…. Cheers!

    • girlslikebeertoo

      Hi and congratulations! I completely abstained until the third trimester, and then I would have sips but I didn’t have full glasses of beer or wine. I have friends that would have one drink a week or one a day while pregnant, but that made me nervous so I would just have a sip of my husband’s beer. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. I missed the culture of beer more than I missed the actual drinking. Believe me, if I can do it so can you! :) Good luck and congratulations!

  2. Natasha

    Man, sounds fun. All those places are so far north of me, I never get there! I have also only been to the Half Acre Taproom twice, and no pregnancy over here. I’ve also only been to Rev twice, though I have loved it so much each time I go.

    I vote Haymarket for your next jaunt out. But that’s because I like 4oz “try it all” pours, I must admit.

  3. girlslikebeertoo

    Congratulations! How exciting! I abstained completely until the third trimester, and then I would have sips of my husband’s beers but I didn’t have a full beer of my own. I know of women that have a drink a week or a drink a night without issue but I wasn’t comfortable with doing that. Besides, I’ve never been known to stop at just one so it was easier for me to just not drink beer at all. I was also really sick throughout the pregnancy so I wasn’t really interested in drinking beer until the very end when I was just really sick of being pregnant! I definitely missed the community and my friends, though. Good luck with everything! Cheers!


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