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My Beer Wish List: Is It Weird to Add Beer to My Baby Registry?

My Beer Wish List: Is It Weird to Add Beer to My Baby Registry?

Wow. I can’t believe I am more than halfway through this pregnancy! It’s been a bit of a rough road. I’ve been very sick and even had to spend four days in the hospital to receive IV antibiotics for a crazy weird infection! So with all of these challenges, I have not really missed drinking beer. I could barely force myself to eat chicken soup for a while let along lust after a Russian Imperial Stout. Well, I can tell you that those days are over. I am feeling better and the one pregnancy craving that I am having right now? BEER. Yes, you saw correctly. I want a beer. (And cake icing. I’ve also developed quite the sweet tooth… But back to the beer…) I won’t indulge, though; as much as my hubby and my friends try to convince me to take a sip here and there, I just won’t do it. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been mentally making a list of the beers that I most want to drink once our baby boy arrives. So, instead of giving in to temptation, I thought I would make a list of the top beers that I want chilled and waiting in my hospital room on or about August 14th. Some are old favorites, some are new Chicago breweries, and some are from breweries that just started distributing to Chicago. But all of them will be waiting for me once I end my beer celibacy. My hubby better be reading this…

Bitter Biker from Spiteful Brewing

Bitter Biker

I have been friends with Brad and Jason from Spiteful Brewing for almost three years now, and spent many a Saturday afternoon at Brad’s Roscoe Village apartment while they brewed test batches. My hubby created their logo and designs many of their beer labels. So it is a bit ironic that I find out I am pregnant just as they were launching their first beer into the Chicago market. I did get to taste a bit of the GFY Stout directly from the bright tank while hanging out with Brad at the brewery but that’s it. So unfair! I’ve heard nothing but good things about their double IPA, Bitter Biker, so I expect a fresh bottle waiting for me in my hospital room.

Sculpin from Ballast Point

Sculpin has got to be one of the best IPAs I’ve ever tasted. The hubby and I traveled to San Diego two summers ago and enjoyed visiting the Ballast Point brewery, which is basically an add-on to a homebrew shop. Every time we travel to an area where Ballast Point distributes, we always bring back a bomber of this hoppy libation. So, of course, Ballast Point would begin distributing to Chicago during a period of my life when I can’t imbibe. There better be a bomber or a six-pack of this beer waiting for me or mama is not going to be happy.

Richie from Ale Syndicate

ale syndicate

I have been following the progress of brothers Sam and Jesse Evans for a few years. I know they underwent many struggles to get their brewery up and running and I was ecstatic to learn in February that they would be release three beers into the Chicago market in March. While the brewery is under construction, Ale Syndicate is releasing contract-brewed beers, including Richie, a strong Porter. I am a huge Porter fan and am already in love with the rich, chocolatey aroma. Unfortunately, Richie will no longer be in the market in August for my due date, but rumor has it that the Evans brothers are saving a couple bottles for me. Thanks, guys!

Anything from Dryhop Brewers

As soon as I heard about a small brewpub that would be opening in the Lakeview East neighborhood of Chicago, I knew I had to interview them. I greatly admire how Dryhop Brewers Owner Greg Shuff and Brewmaster Brant Dubovick made connections with local breweries to get some collaborations out in the Chicago market prior to their own brewery opening. I have been impressed with all of the collaborations that I’ve tasted so far, especially a Bier de Garde brewed in collaboration with Pete Crowley at Haymarket Pub & Brewery. I am not sure what specific beers will be available at the brewpub (which is expected to open soon) in August, but I would love a growler of one of their concoctions waiting for me in the hospital.

Everyday Drinking Local Round-Up

The beers that I have been craving the most aren’t the triple IPAs or super rare barrel-aged sours that caught my fancy before I found I was pregnant. No, the ones that I miss the most are those beers that are relatively low ABV, tasty, quality beers that can be enjoyed all day. Specifically, I miss Half Acre Daisy Cutter, Revolution Anti-Hero IPA, and Metropolitan Flywheel. These three were my go-to beers and I wish I could go-to them right now. Alas, I must wait until August. But hopefully there will be a shelf in our fridge devoted to these three that I can enjoy once our baby boy finally makes an appearance.

9 Responses to “My Beer Wish List: Is It Weird to Add Beer to My Baby Registry?”

  1. sac-man

    Did I ever tell you that my sister was under doctor’s orders to drink dark beers to increase milk production? Sounded like a sweet deal to me. “Sorry, Mom, doc says I have to drink this for the baby!”

  2. Ryan

    Don’t forget to seek out a bottle or two to share with the little one when they turn 21!

    I have a bottle of Westy 12 that I’ll be sitting on until our daughter, born two months ago, is old enough to legally drink. I am also hoping to find a bottle of Goose Island’s Juliet to split with Julia too – although I’m not sure if that will hold up in the cellar that long.

    I’ve also read that North Coast’s Old Stock Ale can easily handle 20+ years of aging.


    • girlslikebeertoo

      Hi Ryan! I am so sorry; just came across this comment that I never approved! I wanted to homebrew a barleywine and then age it to give to Flynn on his 21st birthday, but I think I may just buy something now that will age… That North Coast one sounds like a good one!


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