A Very Special Girls Like Beer Too Announcement

You may have noticed that I have not published a post in a while. Well, I have a confession to make.  I haven’t been to many beer events or hung out with my brewery buddies in quite a few weeks so there was not much to write about. In fact, I have not had beer (or any alcoholic beverages) in over six weeks. No, I did not join AA or make some crazy New Year’s resolution.  Right before Christmas I found out that I’m pregnant! It was a bit of a surprise and among all of the normal first-time mom anxieties (Will I be a good parent? Can we afford this?) there was also the question of what would become of my blog. I do want to continue; I love being a part of the Chicago craft beer scene and supporting both the established breweries and the up-and-coming breweries that will just continue to make our city’s craft beer scene better. But there are other considerations that are taking up a lot of time lately. I have been extremely fortunate this year and truly enjoyed writing my blog, meeting everyone, and supporting the Chicago craft beer scene. This is not a good-bye but I will be on a bit of a hiatus.

A huge thank you to Gina Schauland, Social Media Coordinator at Deschutes Brewery, for sending Baby Murphy's first outfit!

A huge thank you to Gina Schauland, Social Media Coordinator at Deschutes Brewery, for sending Baby Murphy’s first outfit!

While I typically would publish one post a week, I will not be holding myself to that requirement any longer.  There is so much other stuff to think about now like buying a house, getting a nursery ready, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. I’m averaging two naps a day now, in addition to a full eight hours through the night. Do the math. That’s a lot of sleep! Hopefully now that I am in the second trimester I will start getting some of my energy back.

And now that the morning (noon and night) sickness has gotten better and I no longer feel like I am going to die a slow and painful death, I am trying to venture out to a few events or hang out at beer bars. I’ve found that I do not miss the beer drinking that much, but I do miss the community and my friends. I hope I am still accepted even though I am not partaking. Look at it this way: more beer for you! I hope to see everyone around!  Cheers!

16 Responses to “A Very Special Girls Like Beer Too Announcement”

  1. Cynthia

    Congrats on your “little pint”! We’ll miss you, but hope to see you around. And promise to save you some beer ;) Get some rest Mama

  2. Lacey

    Congrats! I started my beer blog right before I found out I was pregnant – just getting back into it now since my little girl is 9 months old!

  3. Marilee

    Such awesome news! Looking forward to meeting the future craft beer lover you’re brewing up. That is one lucky little hopper! (See what I did there?)

    Many congrats to you both!

  4. Conrad Fuhrman

    Congrats!!!! have you thought about guest bloggers to keep it going? I think we need to brew a baby lambic and make a vintage or two that can age over the next 21+ years for the little guy/girl to enjoy!

    • girlslikebeertoo

      Funny you should mention that because I want to brew a barleywine and call it Baby Barleywine. And then it will be ready for consumption around the time my baby is born, and then we can age it, sampling each year as ‘baby’ gets older! And then I wanted to give him/her a bottle on their 21st birthday. I’ve just been so tired I don’t have the energy to brew!

  5. Kid Carboy Jr.

    Congratulations. Look forward to seeing you back and better than ever in a short nine months.


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