Chef Won Kim Explores Connection Between Beer and Art

I don’t think it is any great secret that drinking can lead to some amazing creative endeavors; I know I write better after I’ve had a few!  Craft brewers are often thought of as artisans who utilize malted barley and hops to create their masterpiece.  In turn, visual artists take liquid inspiration from craft beer when they work in their respective mediums.  Tying these connections together is Chef Won Kim who will co-host Under the Influence: The Art of Craft Beer on Saturday, November 3, 2012 with Ed Marszewski, owner of Maria’s Bar and the Co-Prosperity Sphere, where the event will take place. According to Kim, this event is the next logical step in the progression of his series of homebrew events that have been gaining in popularity over the last year and a half. When asked how the idea for this event came about, Chef Won said, “My other passion and full time job is art related, not to mention that there are a ton of talented visual artist that live in this city that need some love!”

Chef Won Kim at Iron Brew

Even though the idea for this event seems like a no-brainer considering that Chef Won Kim is a well-known chef and graffiti artist, he expressed some trepidation about combining the two. “I’ve always wanted to keep the two separate for fear that I would wear myself too thin or get jaded with either creative outlet,” said Kim. “I feel like this new avenue for combining craft beer with custom art may be a new way to appreciate both creative outlets.”

Chef Won Kim, while a beer enthusiast, has never brewed beer as a homebrewer or in a professional capacity.  Well, that changes this time around.  Homebrew couple Marilee and Karl Rutherford of Twisted Hippo joined up with Won to brew a collaborative concoction. “They did most of the work as they are the pros when it comes to beer,” said Kim. “Not to mention that I fell asleep during the first boil. It’s a stout based on the black and white cookie and, yes, I was watching Seinfeld.”

Once again, Chef Won Kim is enlisting his trusty crew of homebrewers to provide the libations at this art-food-beer celebration, and he is stunned by the overwhelming response he has received. “It’s very humbling for me to see how supportive this city is in regards to its love of local beer artisans. I’m grateful and floored with how it’s grown and all the friendships I’ve made from these events. I feel like this new avenue for combining craft beer with custom art may be a new way to appreciate both creative outlets,” said Chef Won Kim. You must visit to RSVP and pre-pay for this event. I’ll see you there!

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  1. Jenny Kim

    OMG I just figured out today that my uncle was this …….. Famous? “Shivers”


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