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What Are You Drinking for St. Patrick’s Day?

What Are You Drinking for St. Patrick’s Day?

Last Thursday, I received an email from Frank Holland, WGN reporter and early morning news anchor, asking for my picks for St. Patrick’s Day beers.  I guess he liked my selections because he asked me to go on air and discuss my choices!  What, me? On TV???  I was uncertain; there is a reason why I stay behind a computer and write a blog.  But after some consideration, and after my hubby talked some sense into me, I accepted the offer to appear on WGN Morning News on Monday, March 12th.  I took a different approach to St. Patty’s Day beers in that I interpreted “green” beer to be environmentally friendly rather than bud light with green food coloring.

I can’t take credit for this interpretation; I got the idea from a Chicago Tribune article from three or four years ago.  The article showcased Jonathan Cutler, Brewmaster at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, and how his beer created a very low carbon footprint since it was local and they did not distribute their beer.  Back then, Piece was one of the only breweries in town.  Now, however, there are many breweries making exceptional beer right here in Chicago and fit this environmentally friendly “green beer” definition. All of my picks are brewed within 30 miles of Chicago, four of them brewed right here within the city limits. And, to add to this theme, the hubby and I rode our bikes to refill our growlers!  So be sure to grab some of these green beers on Saturday, March 17th!

WGN anchor Erin McElroy and I discussing beer on set

Daisy Cutter Pale Ale by Half Acre Brewing Company

This beer comes in 16-ounce cans and is described as a West Coast style pale ale, meaning that it is well hopped and aromatic.  It is a great St. Patty’s Day beer because it is flavorful and you can drink them all day, which I hear sometimes happens on St. Paddy’s Day.

Rise American Stout by Revolution Brewing Company

In order to get this beer, you need to physically travel to the brewery to pick up a growler. Stouts are pretty popular around St. Patrick’s Day but this one is a little different.  It is called an American Stout because it has a tad more alcohol than your typical Guinness (7.5% vs. 3.5%) and is well-hopped. There are plenty of Chinook hops that add a nice piney, earthy flavor, as well as Centennial hops that impart a nice citrusy aroma.

Dynamo Copper Lager by Metropolitan Brewing Company

This is a malty, flavorful Vienna-style lager brewed in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. It’s medium-body is perfect for those transitional months between winter and spring when it’s still a little chilly out.  Dynamo is a little heftier than a pilsner or a macro-lager and a perfect alternative to these lighter lagers.

Metropolitan's Dynamo Copper Lager

Oscar’s Pardon Dry Hopped Belgian Pale Ale by Haymarket Pub and Brewery

I want to extend my apologies to Haymarket; I apparently talked too much about the other beers and this one got cut off! It should still be considered among my picks, however, as it is an insanely refreshing Belgian Pale Ale.  This is another one you can enjoy all day since it is 4.5% alcohol.  So head on down to Haymarket on St. Patty’s Day and enjoy a pint or five of this one!

Haymarket growler of Oscar's Pardon

Brian Boru by Three Floyds Brewing Company

This is the only one of my picks that is not brewed in Chicago but we tend to adopt Three Floyds as a Chicago-area brewery since it is right over the state line in Munster, Indiana. This is an Old Irish Red Ale that is well hopped with a citrus aroma and caramel flavor.

I hope I didn’t make an idiot of myself on TV.  I am not a beer expert, but it is what I am passionate about and I enjoy sharing that passion with others! Let me know if you give any of my picks a try this Saturday!

A huge thank you to Frank Holland, Erin McEloy, and the entire WGN Morning News crew! Everyone was exceptionally nice and funny and made me feel at ease.  In fact, I had a great time!

WGN Reporter Frank Holland and I pose with some growlers

For additional pictures from my television debut, check out my hubby’s flickr page!

12 Responses to “What Are You Drinking for St. Patrick’s Day?”

  1. The Ale Guy

    It is great to see women enjoying real beer and so knowledgeable about it. Also promoting local breweries at the same time.

  2. Charles

    Great job! I believe the girls that love beer have found their voice in you

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