As the Chicago beer and brewery scene is exploding, so is the hobby of homebrewing.  And with this influx of individuals brewing on the kitchen stove in a tiny apartment or a banjo burner in the front yard, new homebrew clubs are popping up to support these hobbyists. One of these new clubs is CHAOS (Chicago Homebrew Alchemists of Sud) Brew Club and its purpose is to promote the community of brewing.  What makes CHAOS unique as a brew club is the community brew space.  Members have access to the mash tuns, pots, carboys, wort chillers and any other equipment one may need to brew beer, and then brew it on the premises.  They also have access to bulk grain and hops to cut down on the cost of brewing even more.

The spirit of community was clearly evident on Saturday at the CHAOS Open Haus, currently located at 914 N California in the Humboldt Park neighborhood. This was a time for members who have not yet had the opportunity to meet other members or to see the brew space to come out, share some homebrew, and see what we are all about. We also took this opportunity to brew our entry for the Beer Hoptacular homebrew competition. I have been sworn to secrecy regarding the recipe but to see these six guys and one girl (uh… me) of varying degrees of brewing experience come together to brew beer was a truly awesome experience.

In addition to homebrewing, CHAOS also promotes the love of beer through tastings and pop-up restaurants.  If you are interested in attending one of our events, hurry up and get your tickets to our Ides of Cider fundraiser.  We will have cider and fall-themed beer (all brewed by members of CHAOS) as well as tasty food and a blue grass concert.  $25 gets you entry, a tasting glass, and tickets for beer.  You will also get to check out our new community brew space.  That’s right! Due to the rapid growth of our club, we have already outgrown our digs.  Click here to get your tickets!

David teaching a class on how to build a mash tun

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