Review: Revolution Brewing’s Barrel-Aged Institutionalized Barleywine

A Mug Club sample of Barrel-Aged Institutionalized and a pint of Cross of Gold

I vaguely remember tasting this beer when it was first released and before it was aged for 10 months (since November 2010) in Jack Daniels Whiskey and Heaven Hill Rye barrels. But why dwell on the past? The barrel-aged version is incredible. It pours a dark brown with reddish undertones and a creamy head. The nose is gorgeous with sweet malt, vanilla, whiskey, and rye aromas intermingling perfectly; even though this is a highly alcoholic beer (13%!) you don’t get an astringent smell burning your nostrils.  Or your taste buds.  This is an insanely smooth beer that goes down way too easy.  And what I like most is that the beer isn’t lost in the aging; sometimes the bourbon or rye can overpower the beer but not in this case.  I have a feeling this beer isn’t going to last very long so hurry up and get it while you can! Well done, Rev!

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