4 Paws Brewing (Part 2)

Image: 4 Paws Brewing

Similar to the days of yore when families would anxiously await the delivery of fresh milk from the milkman, I had a similar experience Sunday morning. But I wasn’t waiting for milk; I was waiting for beer! Matt from 4 Paws Brewing sends out a feeler via email and those who are interested can reserve a 4-pack of their latest concoction. Orders from all over Chicago pour in until all bottles are spoken for and then Sunday is delivery day. Matt packs all deliveries into a messenger bag and sets off on his bicycle, typically completing all deliveries by noon. On this particular day, Matt was delivering 4 Paws’ Pioneer Red, which will be one of their four flagship beers along with Blueberry Lou, Know-Nothing Hefeweizen, and Brown Dog. 

I was particularly excited for Matt’s arrival because at our first meeting  I was unable to try any of their beer. So what better way to spend Labor Day Weekend than sampling beer? (OK, granted, this is probably how I spend every weekend….) I cracked open a Pioneer Red and a spicy scent immediately hit my nose. I love beers with spices added to them so I was very excited to try this beer. I poured it into a tasting glass and properly studied this beer. It was amber with a slight reddish tinge and well carbonated. There was a definite hint of nutmeg and/or cinnamon in both the aroma and the taste. The spicy flavor is more subtle, though, as you only get a slight spiciness on the finish. This is a really nice early fall beer; it isn’t as heavy as some pumpkin ales that are hitting the stores now (although 4 Paws Pupkin Ale will be ready soon!) But it has that hint of fall spices that makes the horrific fact that summer is indeed over seem almost not that bad.  All bottles of this batch of Pioneer Red are spoken for, but if you want to get on the list for future brews, contact Matt at matt@4pawsbrewing.com.

I can’t wait to try their other beers! Especially that Pupkin…

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  1. TeamPete (@GoTeamPete)

    Thanks for the heads up on 4 Paws–from their site, it seems like a great venture and great beer. And oddly, based on your blog, I might be accidently following you around. I just led a beer and bike tour that included both Brew Camp and The Plant/New Chicago Brewing Company as stops along the way. Anyway, great work with the blog. Thanks for spreading the Chicago beer love!

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