Adventures in Alabama Beer!

Let me just say how impressed I am with the progress Alabama has made since I left in 1998. Well, at least with regards to beer. Birmingham will soon have two breweries: Good People and Avondale Brewing Company (ABC). Good People is already somewhat established; their beer was on tap at every bar we went to in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. Rumor has it they have started canning their beer and it should be available in the area soon, if it isn’t already. ABC has just begun their foray into the Alabama craft beer scene so I was not able to sample any of their offerings. So, if you live in the Birmingham area, let me know how it is.

Our first stop after we landed in Birmingham was Jim and Nick’s BBQ in the 5 points area of Birmingham. We spoke to the bartender who guided the hubby and me through the local options. I ordered Good People IPA while Chris got the Good People stout. The IPA was a really good, solid example of the style. It wasn’t crazy hoppy or trying to be an over-the-top hop bomb but I could see how this could be your every day beer. While out in Tuscaloosa this was my go-to. And it was very refreshing on those 100 degree days we experienced this week. The Good People stout was really something special. It was a coffee oat stout. The aroma was of freshly ground coffee and the oats provided a dryness that mellowed out the initial coffee taste but there was a strong coffee finish. Surprisingly this was a refreshing option, slightly carbonated and light in body. My only complaint was that both beers were served too cold so we had to let them warm up a bit. At Alcove Bar in Tuscaloosa, we tried their Snakehandler double IPA which was very enjoyable. I was out with a friend and thought it would be rude to take notes regarding the beer so I don’t have a detailed account of taste or aroma, but it was delicious. If I ever make it back to T-Town, this will be a beer I seek out. Well, it is off to Southern California. And the beer adventure continues!

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