OK, I guess I’m doing this blog thing…

As I said in my first post, I am a self-defeating perfectionist. After my first post, I was sure I sucked and threw in the towel on this whole blogging business. However, at Haymarket Brewery this evening, I ran into David the Brewer who I had met at the Finch party (see first post). One of the guys hanging out with him recognized me from the blog. “What??? How did you read that? It isn’t supposed to be live yet!” Apparently I don’t understand what the word “publish” means in the blogging world. Anyway, I now feel a bit responsible for keeping this thing going. So, guy-from-Haymarket (you know who you are, and you probably just got an RSS notification of this post) people can thank (or blame) you.

I was just in San Diego for work and was able to hit up a few places, but I will be getting the full southern California experience next week on vacation. My first stop on vacation is Tuscaloosa, Al, my home 8th grade through high school. My good high school friend, Will, is getting married so congratulations to him and Jaclyn! Also, it is Alabama’s second annual craft beer week. I don’t think I will be able to attend any events as I am only there for two days, but let me just go into how exciting this is. When I lived in Alabama (1992-1998), beer could not have more than 6% alcohol and there were no alcohol sales on Sunday. None. You couldn’t even order a glass of wine at Olive Garden. As of earlier this year, you can now enjoy a bloody Mary with Sunday brunch. And within the last two years, the alcohol percentage of beer has been increased to 13% (sorry, crazy Russian Imperial Stout fans, you are still out of luck). I have plans to head to a beer bar with a high school friend so I will update you on the offerings in Alabamastan. For more information about Alabama beer check out www.freethehops.org.

While in San Diego (or “Whale’s Vagina for you Anchorman fans), I was able to make it to Pizza Port in Ocean Beach (beer was FABULOUS) and then a few local Rock Bottom wannabes in the downtown area (not so much). In my upcoming trip, I have a whole day planned at Stone, and will hopefully hit up Green Flash, another Pizza Port or two, Ballast Point, and some other recommendations that I’ve gotten from the Beer Vixens. I will keep you posted. Yay, beer!

(oh, and I’m visiting my brother in California, too…)

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