Klaus Möller, Roland Winter, Josh Gilbert, Claudia Jendron, and Nikolaus Riegler pose in front of the Temperance Beer Company sign

Hirter Bier: Thinking Outside The Lager

What comes to mind when you think of German or Austrian beer? Perhaps a liter stein of Märzen? A tall, cold pour of pilsner? Those are still prominent styles of these Central European countries but lately, the traditional breweries are branching out and experimenting with different styles and brewing methods. They’re even brewing (gasp!) ales… Read more »

Church Street 2

Righteously Good Beer in the Chicago ‘Burbs

For some reason, whenever I hear about a brewery opening up in the suburbs, I tend to discount it. Not that I think the beer will be bad; it’s just that it is so far. I’ve been a fan of Church Street Brewing Company (especially their Heavenly Helles) for a while but I had no… Read more »


Two Breweries Merge to Form Rude Hippo

What do you think about when you hear the phrase “guest room”? Perhaps you still have flashbacks because your mom inadvertently turned your old room into a combo quilting/craft sanctuary to help her deal with her empty nesting? Or was your childhood bedroom referred to as the “guest room” because you were always expected to… Read more »

Dark Lord Day: A Family Tradition

  Many families have traditions. Some get together every Sunday for a weekly feast while others partake in cultural holidays that endear individuals to their ancestors. Well, in this family, Dark Lord Day has been a tradition for the last seven years. Chris and I have been attending Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Day since 2008,… Read more »


Eataly’s Birreria Brings Italian-Style Craft Beer to Chicago

  Hi. Do you remember me? I used to have a little blog about beer. But after having a baby, buying a house, moving, and starting a new job, I haven’t had much time for myself and my hobby. But, I am fortunate enough to be able to work an alternate work schedule which affords… Read more »


Small Beer-ness Saturday

I don’t know about you, but I think this whole push to open stores on Thanksgiving so individuals can get a jump-start on their holiday shopping kind of sucks. While, yes, I am sure there will be some great deals to be had, it is not only encouraging shoppers to excuse themselves from their Thanksgiving… Read more »


The 11th Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer

What is the quintessential Chicago beer? The West Coast has it’s tongue-destroying IPAs. The East Coast excels at traditional styles, often influenced by recipes brewed by our founding fathers. But what is a Chicago beer? Regardless of the beer style, you better believe that it is barrel-aged. Goose Island started (and perfected) the trend in… Read more »