Small Beer-ness Saturday

I don’t know about you, but I think this whole push to open stores on Thanksgiving so individuals can get a jump-start on their holiday shopping kind of sucks. While, yes, I am sure there will be some great deals to be had, it is not only encouraging shoppers to excuse themselves from their Thanksgiving… Read more »


The 11th Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer

What is the quintessential Chicago beer? The West Coast has it’s tongue-destroying IPAs. The East Coast excels at traditional styles, often influenced by recipes brewed by our founding fathers. But what is a Chicago beer? Regardless of the beer style, you better believe that it is barrel-aged. Goose Island started (and perfected) the trend in… Read more »

UneAnnee 4

Building Une Année: An Interview with Jerry Nelson

When you are opening a brewery in Chicago, there are a couple camps that you can fall into. You can either develop a strong social media campaign from the moment you decide ‘hey, I’m going to open a brewery,’  keeping your future customers informed of brewery buildout and test batches. Or you can take a… Read more »

Jared Rouben talks with Farmer Oriana

Jared Rouben: Chicago’s Culinary Brewer

When it was announced in January 2013 that Jared Rouben was leaving his position as Brewmaster of the Goose Island Brewpubs to open up his own brewery, many (myself included) had mixed feelings. Sure, we were excited for Jared to venture off on his own. But selfishly, we wanted to be able to sit down… Read more »

beer date1

Staying Connected to the Craft Beer Scene

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that I announced that I was pregnant? Well, maybe for you. For me, this has definitely been the longest nine months of my life. And, yes, I just hit the nine month mark, if you can believe it. I’m probably not going to have my little bundle of joy… Read more »

Baby’s First Dark Lord Day

When you envision Three Floyd’s Dark Lord Day, what immediately comes to mind? Standing in long lines? Meeting awesome beer people from all over the country? Sampling rare beers? All of those may be true, but what if you were to take away the sampling and drinking beer part? Would Dark Lord Day still measure… Read more »